Welcome to my site, where I put all the projects that I've created. Enjoy your stay! — Robson

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Flickr Account
Visualisation C# Processing
Charts, optical illusions, mazes, abstractions and more.
Film Barcodes
Each line is the average colour at ten-second intervals.
Infinite Puzzles
My collection of randomly-generated puzzle games. Currently in development.
Space Generator
A random space generator, which consists of unicode characters and emojis.
IMDb Film Series Ratings
An interactive tool that shows you the IMDb ratings for film franchises.
In Character
Game CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript jQuery
A web-based puzzle platformer, where you turn into different letters to navigate the levels. Written for Mini Ludum Dare 49.
Dice Roller
A web-based dice roller for lots of different types of dice. Also includes statistics and special dice.
Word Clock
Visualisation CSS HTML JavaScript jQuery
A clock that tells you the time using words.
Hidden Character
Game CSS HTML JavaScript jQuery
A simple game where you try to find the unique character in a grid.
Flag Quiz
Game CSS HTML JavaScript jQuery
Test your knowledge of flags.
Whisky Recommendr
Visualisation CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript SVG
An interactive webpage that recommends whiskys, based on flavours you like and dislike.
Spaceship Generator
Visualisation CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript SVG
A spaceship generator, using the rules of Heat Signature by Tom Francis.
IMDb TV Ratings
Visualisation CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript jQuery NVD3.js
An interactive webpage that shows the IMDb ratings for popular TV shows.
F1 2013 Statistics
Visualisation CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript NVD3.js
An interactive webpage with statistics for the 2013 Formula 1 season. Includes driver comparison, race results and the points obtained over the season.
Mondrian Generator
Visualisation CSS D3.js HTML JavaScript
A web-based generator that randomly creates designs in the style of Piet Mondrian.
10 Seconds to Save Claire
Game VB6
A downloadable puzzle game for my friend, where you only have 10 seconds to defuse the bombs and save Claire!
Pyramid of Doom
Game Level
I was commissioned to make this mission for the version 2 release of VVVVVV. It's relatively easier than most VVVVVV levels and is focused on design.
Wall of the Words
Game VB6
A scrabble-style game, where you must defend your castle against an army of invading enemies.
Game Tool C#
A tool for Minecraft that makes randomly generated cities.
Game VB6
An ASCII demake of Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV.
YouTube Account
Videos of indie games, my games and experiments. Infrequently updated.
Game Level
My challenging one-hit-wonder map for the game N.
I Can Has Mouses?
Game VB6
A simple puzzle game, where you try to eat all the mice, without visiting anywhere twice.
Maze Generator
An online generator with several options like size, shape and solution.
Game VB6
An educational roguelike that tests your maths skills.
War of Wizards
Game VB6
A two-player duelling roguelike.
What the Duck?!
Game VB6
A one or two-player guess-the-object game.
CSS Compressor
Removes useless stuff from stylesheets.
Code C++ PHP VB6
Random code snippets.
Little Red Book
Code C++ PHP
My answers to numerous programming problems.
Game Tool VB6
Editor for the GTA3 data files.
Neverwinter Nights Files
Game Assets
Scripts and prefabs for Neverwinter Nights.
Redder Rambling
Where I write about the level design in Redder.
Unix Timestamp Converter
To and from.
White Noise Generator
Tool VB6
Creates images with random black and white dots.