Wall of the Words

Thank you for downloading :)

If you get any errors about missing DLL's when you run the game, just download the VB6 Run Time Pack.

- Robson


Wall of the Words is a turn-based puzzle game. You are the owner of a castle, which you must defend against the attackers. This is achieved by placing words onto the battlefield, in a similar way to scrabble. The words will slow down the attackers and hopefully stop them reaching your castle.

You win if you survive long enough for the attackers to give up and retreat.

You lose if the attackers reach the castle.

Playing the Game

When you open Wall of the Words, you'll be presented with the menu screen:


If this is your first time playing, select Practice from the list and then Play.

The battlefield will appear:


Many elements of the game are randomly generated, so your screen will look different to this.

Take a look at your letters (labelled 'F' in the screenshot) and think of a word you can make from them. You don't need to use all the letters. When you've thought of a word, drag each letter onto the battlefield. You'll want to pick somewhere that will be in the path of the attacker. Once you've placed all the letters, right-click to confirm your word.


In the screenshot above, the word cubes was placed on the battlefield. You get points for each word, which is the points of each letter added together, plus 2 points for each tile affected. If your word is connected to another word, you get half the letter points added to your score.

Once you've placed a word, it's the attackers turn. They will move towards the castle, move around obstacles or attack walls.

This process is repeated until you win or lose.

If you surround an attacker with walls, they'll be killed and you'll get lots of points.

Change Log

1.0 to 1.1