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The Little Red Book by S. W. Bartlett contains numerous programming problems that can be completed in any language.

To increase my knowledge of PHP (and other languages) I've decided to work my way through the problems. When I have some spare time, I shall complete a question and add the solution here. In the future I may modify some of my answers to improve them.

Completed 78 of 94 (83%).


1. Elementary Problems (complete)

2. Simple Problems (1 to-do)

3. Looping Problems (complete)

4. Selection Problems (3 to-do)

5. Repetition and Selection (3 to-do)

6. Nested Loops (complete)

7. Harder problems (2 to-do)

8. Data Processing and Files (3 to-do)

9. Difficult Problems (4 to-do)

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