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Icey's Tabular Individual Statistics (named after editcountitis) is used to display statistics about Wikipedia users, such as the number of edits by area, edit summary use, frequently edited articles and so on.

I'm away from Wikipedia at the moment, so I'm not creating any ITIS reports.

For an example, see my report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much bandwidth does this script use?

The script requests one page for every 5000 edits a user has. For example, if a user has 7500 edits, two pages would be requested. A delay is added between requests to ensure the servers don't get flooded. The script doesn't request any images located on the contributions page (like the Wikipedia logo) or external files (like stylesheets) because they aren't needed.

2. What language is this written in?

The script is written in PHP. The output is in nearly valid CSS and valid XHTML. The CSS does not validate because a hack was written in to fix Internet Explorer's limitations.

3. Are you going to allow anyone to run this?

Yes, in the future. At the moment I'm concentrating on making it reliable, optimised and getting all the features I want. When that is done I'll make it open source.

4. Will this use lots of Wikipedia's bandwidth if it could be run by anyone?

Possibly, but no worse than any other edit counting tool. I'll probably make it request just the last 5000 edits so it only requests one page. I may also cache the results to reduce the amount of requests that need to be made.

5. How long does it take to generate a report?

The majority of the time is taken up with downloading the contributions. Once downloaded the script is much faster, it takes about 2 seconds to process over 2,000 edits.

6. What's the largest report available?

SimonP's has over 90,000. If you know an account with more edits, feel free to let me know.

7. Why don't you turn it into a bot?

It's not stable enough for that yet. When it's made open source people could incorporate it into bots.

8. How frequently are the reports updated?

When you request it to be! All the reports are static pages, they do not update. If you would like your report updated, let me know.

9. Does ITIS display any private data?

No. ITIS only shows information that could be obtained by anyone. If you would like your report removed, let me know and I'll remove it.

10. How long do reports stay here for?

It's my site, so I can remove them at any time. You should save the page and upload to your own site or just keep the page on your hard drive if you don't want to display it publically.