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Whilst making I Can Has Mouses? I took screenshots at significant stages. Mostly for my own benefit, but perhaps you'll find them interesting as well.

The game started as an Excel macro:

The code was then copied into the full Visual Basic 6 editor. After the input/output code was rewritten, I had this:

The game needed some nicer graphics, so I played around for a while until I got a style I liked. I wanted the graphics to be colourful, simple, have small variations, and be randomly generated at run time. Here's a screenshot of my test application:

I also made a random flower generator, but unfortunately it didn't make it into the final game. Perhaps I'll find a use for it somewhere else.

The graphics and the game were ready, so I combined them together and made some little pictures for the cat and mice. I also made a little cat toy that Sam 'n' Max fans may find familiar:

The next step was to remove the temporary block graphics and use the real graphics instead.

Some code was written to make the window size match the level and display the moves taken. I wanted the game to suit casual players, who could just play and try to complete the levels. I also wanted it to suit more determined players, who could try to get the perfect route. The screenshot on the right is after the code to combine adjacent blocks was written in.

A menu was created, that allowed the player to go to any level. It also displayed the number of turns for the players best route and the perfect amount of turns. The players scores were saved to a data file.

A status bar was added to show the turns and useful info. The level number was added to the window caption. Narrow levels were also given extra padding. Little dots were added between the normal dots, to show the route exactly. This is how the finished game looks:

The steps after that were to create lots more levels and tidy up the code.